From Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer:

“So we have nothing.”

The surveyor ignored that, said “What do we do now?” It was clear she hated asking the question.

“Eat dinner,” I said. “Take a little stroll along the perimeter to make sure the psychologist isn’t hiding in the bushes. Think about what we’re doing tomorrow.

"”I’ll tell you one thing we’re not doing tomorrow. We’re not going back into the tunnel.”


She glared at me.

Sometimes you just have to call it a day. There’s nothing more you can do (or nothing you want to do), and the best things is to wait. Either for a change in the situation so you can do more, or a change in yourself so you can see what to do.

Our circadian rhythm is something of a blessing here. Sleep allows time time to pass easily, and our minds to do their mysterious subconscious processing that defeats so many problems. And you have to do it, so “sleep on it” is much easier advice to take than “wait 8 hours and see what happens”.

Sometimes I’ve wished I never had to sleep. I wonder how many odd, contingent benefits we would lose if we no longer slept. Perhaps we would be more patient… but I suspect the opposite.